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Shayna Gladstone
In Search of the Scientist

Book Summary

Adventure seems to be Shayna Gladstone’s middle name when she travels in a hot-air balloon to Terramanna to fulfill the ancient prophecy of the Terraman oracle. When Shayna realizes she can’t get home until she rescues a famous scientist from evil Falco, she embarks on an unpredictable journey into the very bowels of danger and discovers a family history that changes her life forever.

Shayna Gladstone In Search of the Scientist has been named the first place winner in the 2011 Reader Views Literary Awards in the category of Young Reader (age 8-12). These annual literary awards honour writers who self-publish or have their books published by a small press or independent book publisher. Winning books are posted at

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Interesting Topics:

  • The release date for Shayna Gladstone
    In Search for the Scientist
    was June 25, 2011.
  • Readers can find Shayna Gladstone In Search of the Scientist in both soft cover and hardcover versions at Chapters stores,,, Barnes & Noble, and
  • Bring your copy of the book to any of the scheduled book signings to meet the author, C.J. Murray. She will be happy to personally sign your book at any book signing near you.
  • Got an e-reader? Shayna Gladstone In Search of the Scientist is now available for your Kindle  or Kobo!
  • Yes, Shayna Gladstone is a series! The second book in the series is due for release soon. The title of the second book will be posted on this site before the next popcorn volcano explosion.