Shayna Gladstone - Insearch of the Scientist
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Shayna Gladstone: In Search of the Scientist

This story may make you hungry in some paragraphs, because, in Terramanna, giant gingerbread men come from big eggs. Shayna Gladstone thought she was just somebody, but then a mysterious Balloon Lady takes her to a place called Terramanna! Everyone there thinks she is The Shayna of The Prophecy. She also meets some friends along the way. She soon figures out the Minnie Maudde has been captured! Her friends Marie and Dan help Shayna try to rescue Minnie Maudde. There are also the Sweet Suites, where there are marshmallow rooms, chocolate rooms, and all kinds of other candy rooms. There is also a beach with sugar instead of sand, you could build and eat sugar castles!

My favorite characters are Shayna and the Balloon Lady. My favorite thing about this book is the donut tubes in the raft tunnels. I suggest “Shayna Gladstone: In Search of the Scientist” by C.J. Murray for kids age 9 and up that like fiction books and enjoy fantasizing about candy!

Shayna Gladstone: In Search of the Scientist
C.J. Murray
iUniverse (2011)
ISBN 9781450289900
Reviewed by Sophia McElroy (age 9) for Reader Views (2/12)