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Who is Basil Ralston?

Despite being smelly and slobbery, Basil Ralston is one of the most venerated members of his professional community. He has held many jobs including chief of security at a law firm, laughter therapist, calendar model, and ersatz interviewer. He is one of those rare individuals who always takes time to smell the flowers.

Basil started out small (as can be seen in this picture). As his duties grew in importance, so did he. He tends to sleep on the job a lot (as can be seen in this picture), yet he always manages to get his work done whether he is conducting a doggone interview or carrying out his responsibilities as chief of security.

In 2011, Basil Ralston was awarded the coveted position of ersatz interviewer of C.J. Murray, author of Shayna Gladstone: In Search of the Scientist, after undergoing a rigorous selection process that involved a cat, a black lab, and a carrot.