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About C.J. Murray

Christine was born in London, Canada where she and her brother were raised by her father (a research scientist) and her mother (a marketing director and artist). As a kid Christine enjoyed tormenting her parents by competing in perilous sports, and occasionally coming home on crutches. If you were to ask her childhood friends what she was like they would tell you...dramatic!

Christine continued to cherish all things theatrical but pursued many roads one might not expect of a girl with such tendencies. First, she attended the University of Western Ontario and obtained a psychology degree. Not knowing what she could possibly do with such a solemn degree, she moved on to law school believing a firm knowledge of the law might come in handy later in life. It turns out to have been quite useful...she has been a lawyer for twenty years, taking short breaks only to sleep at night and write the Shayna Gladstone series.    

Christine dreams up her characters and plots while kayaking, running, and weeding her garden. Sometimes story ideas just pop into her head when she’s watching sunsets at the lake, flying airplanes, doing the downward facing dog, shoveling snow, hosting spectacular parties, acting in plays, eating chocolate truffles, and even while walking her two slobbery dogs.

The Shayna Gladstone series is inspired by Christine’s grandfather, Earl (Pop) Murray. Pop had a love of nature, adventurous character, and a rich imagination, all of which he passed on to his most beloved granddaughter, Christine.  Shayna Gladstone In Search of the Scientist, the first book in the Shayna Gladstone series, is dedicated to Pop.

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Interview with C.J. Murray

Question: How long did it take you to write, Shayna Gladstone In Search of the Scientist?
Murray: Writing the novel didn’t take that long, maybe a year. But, the book was completed over the period of about five years including the editing. Because I work in my law office during the day, I wrote Shayna Gladstone part-time in the evenings and during holidays.
Question: What was the hardest part about writing the book?
Murray: The first draft of the book was very different than the final version. It was much more personal. However, my editor suggested cutting out some of the characters to make the story flow better. It was really difficult to let those characters go from my story. I didn’t work on the book for a whole year when I decided to cut characters out of it, because I just couldn’t stand to see them go.
Question: How often do you write?
Murray: I write almost every day. Sometimes I’m not writing Shayna Gladstone stories, but I make sure I write something every day. When I’m working on the Shayna Gladstone novels, I try to write at least an hour every night...well, almost every night. Sometimes I stay up very late writing. I once stayed up almost all night working on one paragraph.
Question: Are the characters in Shayna Gladstone In Search of the Scientist based on real people?
Murray: Some of the characters are loosely based on real people. For instance, Dan is loosely based on the combination of some of the personality traits of two of my nephews. Minnie Maudde has some of the characteristics of my own father (he is a scientist too!).

This interview was conducted by Basil Ralston. If you would like to ask a question, feel free to email the author at and you might be lucky enough to get your question posted on this interview page.

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