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Shayna Gladstone
In Search of the Scientist

After escaping the bullies in her school gym class, Shayna Gladstone is almost crushed by a giant hot-air balloon captained by the Balloon Lady of Terramanna. As fate would have it, Shayna is just the young girl the Balloon Lady has been looking for!

The ancient prophecy of the Terraman Oracle tells of a hero who will save Terramanna from the Age of Gloom. The foretold hero’s name is Shayna; could Shayna Gladstone be the hero they seek? She agrees to go back to Terramanna with the Balloon Lady in her huge hot-air balloon, but there’s trouble when they arrive. A very famous scientist, Minnie Maudde, has gone missing...

They suspect the evil Falco, who is trying to bring about the imminent Age of Gloom. In order to restore fun and frivolity to Terramanna, Shayna must swallow her fears and find the scientist. Will she be brave enough to face Falco and save Terramanna? Her journey takes her into the depths of a new, magical world, and soon, it becomes personal, as Shayna realizes the Gladstone family has a big secret!




Shayna Gladstone Series

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Book Two

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Books Three, Four and Five - To Be Announced

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