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Secrets About C.J. Murray

Here’s a picture of me when I was five. I still look the same,and I even sometimes wear the same outfit...but only on special occasions, of course, like book signings and family weddings.

When I was eight-years-old, I wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of Canada because I was sad that the Canadian government seemed to be doing nothing to prevent the slaughter of polar bears in the far north of Canada. I was cheeky even back then and figured that I should get a response.

And I did! Thats a copy of the letter to the right.

Can you imagine my reaction to this letter? I was a pretty upset eight-year-old, to say the least, because I knew Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was wrong to allow the bears to be killed. So, I went to Ottawa to plead my case but all I got to do was sit in the Prime Minister’s chair in parliament...the janitor let me do it.  
When I grew up, I became a lawyer to fight this kind of injustice. I have never been lucky enough to represent a polar bear, but I have had lots of cases that involve dogs, roosters, and even cows. Polar bears are now an at risk species. I guess the Prime Minister should have listened to me when I was eight!

To learn more about polar bears, here is a great link you can check out!

Polar Bears

The letter to the Prime Minister seems to mark the beginning of my professional writing career. Later, that same year, I wrote a letter to the President of the United States of America, Gerald Ford, to invite him for a swim in our pool and to discuss a topic of great international concern ... polar bears, of course. Much to my dismay, I received no response. I think my mother was relieved.

People sometimes ask me when I started writing stories. Apparently, I was not quite six-years- old when I started writing stories. To the right is a copy of a story I wrote when I was seven; The Bear Cub and the Magic Music. This would appear to be where the bear thing started.

I also enjoy acting and writing plays. My most recent play is entitled "War of the Unknown Warriors".

CJ Murray Letter to the Prime Minister

CJ Murray Letter to the Prime Minister



CJ Murray Bear Cub Story

Clearly, this story still needs some editing